FIFA 18 Android


Far and away the world’s most popular soccer videogame series, FIFA has enjoyed ridiculous success over the past 20+ years that it has been available on all of your favorite videogame console – but this year FIFA 18 is coming to your mobile device!
The legendary AAA videogame development company Electronic Arts as finally decided to bring this world-class soccer title over to handheld gaming, allowing those with Android and iOS devices – smart phones and tablets – to fire up this incredibly accurate, authentic, and action-packed soccer title.
If you’ve been dreaming about getting the opportunity to play as your favorite players from around the world or your favorite team out on the digital pitch no matter where you might find yourself (day or night), you’ll need to get your hands on a copy of FIFA 18 for Android and iOS devices ASAP!

Robust gameplay that you are familiar with

The incredible thing about FIFA as a series in general is the way that the designers and developers have allowed for real subtlety of control and authenticity, something that a lot of popular sports titles out there on the market today lack for one reason or another.
And while each iteration of FIFA has been roundly praised for its ability to allow for effortless control and flexibility with a traditional videogame controller, the amazing thing about this title – FIFA 18 for Android and iOS – is that the same flexibility and control is possible while using the touchscreen functionality of your mobile phone or your tablet.
You’ll be able to create incredible scoring chances with some of the smartest passing mechanics of any FIFA game, you’ll be able to finish near the net – or outside of the box – with intuitively designed shot controls that allow you to dictate the “bend” and action of the ball after you have set it on its way towards goal, and you’ll be able to coordinate with your AI teammates to put together real life soccer strategies that translate perfectly to the digital pitch.
This is all possible without having to use any videogame controller, and you’ll never feel like your fingers are getting in the way of the action that you’re watching on your screen.

Hyper- intelligent AI makes matches more challenging and leveraging your teammates fun

The AI in any sports game is incredibly important, not only because you’ll spend the majority of your time playing against “the computer” when you first start out and you’ll want games to be fun, competitive, and exciting, but also because you’ll need to be able to rely on your AI teammates that you aren’t controlling to be in the right place at the right time to enjoy a truly authentic soccer experience.
The AI for FIFA 18 has been completely overhauled from top to bottom. The developers at EA one for a wholesale change, not only making the most of the new Frostbite gaming engine but also finding ways to dramatically improve the overall artificial intelligence of your teammates and those on the opposition.
You’ll find each game to be more of a chess match then a game of checkers, but you’ll also find each and every one of your teammates looking to make the right play and responding intelligently to any of the moves that you make on the pitch. You’ll always be in complete control, but now your teammates will respond effectively to the moves you make – especially when they are unorthodox and designed to score.

Online gaming is a breeze

While playing the computer can be a lot of fun and rewarding in its own way, and perhaps is the best way to learn the fundamentals in the basics of FIFA 18, there’s nothing that can come close to competing with the feelings of excitement, anticipation, frustration, anxiety, and elation when you are able to throw down against real-life players that love FIFA 18 on Android and iOS just the same way you do!
The online matchmaking features included with this game are effortless to take advantage of. You’ll be able to jump right into any game with no more than a minute or two delay, finding players all over the world that are jumping online as well that have a similar skill level to you and are playing teams that have a similar rank. You won’t ever have to worry about feeling as though you are completely overmatched or that the teams you are up against are a cakewalk or an overpowered matchup. The folks at EA have done a great job balancing everything out and making the online gaming aspect of this title work.

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Closing thoughts

At the end of the day, if you are ready to rock ‘n roll with the latest version of FIFA for your mobile device – your Android phone or tablet or your iPhone or your iPad – you are going to want to get your hands on this mobile application ASAP. Grab a copy of the download right here, right now, and you’ll be off to the digital pitch to start playing games almost immediately!

How to play FIFA 18 on your phone?

1.Click on the download button to download FIFA 18 apk file.
2.It will take few minutes to download.
3.When yoy finally download the file,open it ant install on your device.
4.Now start the app.
5.After loading screen game required verification,so do the last step and click OK.
6.Download 2 apps,follow the steps in instructions and back to the game.
7.After verification FIFA 18 will load normally on your device.